Other Books

On these pages we have tried to compare data and information from Jordan & Watts book with other significant works that cover the Pocket '49. No criticism of any of these fine works is intended - they are all valuable references in their own right and should be in every '49 collectors library. However, J & W's depth of research into their chosen subject makes it the current most important text on this subject.

Each book shown below links to a page of comparisons between its information and J&W's. Those pages also provide links to web sites where the books can be obtained.


Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms 8th Edition

Blue Book of Gun Values 25th Edition

P L Shumaker - Colt's Variations of the Old Model Pocket Pistol 1848-1872

R L Wilson - Colt An American Legend


Robin J Rapley - Colt Percussion Acroutrements 1834-1873