In Memory
Darrow Watt
1929 - 2002

November 18, 1929 - January 28, 2002

Darrow Watt author, photographer, and a well known collector of antique firearms died on Monday, January 28th. The cause was a sudden heart attack. He will be well remembered as a pleasant, jovial man with a great sense of humour. Darrow had immense talent in several different fields but will probably be best remembered for his photography. Examples of his work can be seen in COLT'S POCKET '49 Its Evolution, Including the Baby Dragoon & Wells Fargo, by Robert M. Jordan, and Darrow Watt.

Darrow, in addition to being the publisher of the book, took virtually every photograph (near 1000 of them) and did all the layout. He had extensive photographic experience as he had been on the staff of Sunset Magazine for almost 40 years. His work in this field was exquisite and he was among the best. Darrow studied photography at the University of California at Berkeley, and at The Art Centre in Los Angeles. While he was studying, he was able to meet and perfect techniques by other notable photographers such as Ansel Adams.

Darrow is survived by his wife, Rosemary, three sons, a daughter, and nine grandchildren.

Robert M. Jordan