Models of the '49
(Quotations from Jordan & Watt)
Each of the three models of Pocket '49 are shown below, with their respective main variants. In addition, the four variants of the Pocket '49 model are shown in the four barrel lengths found in most (but not all) variants. Click on any image to view an enlarged version.
Baby Dragoon "Any Colt 31 calibre open top revolver with a square back trigger guard. They exist with and without loading levers / rammers. The cylinder scene is unimportant."
Two variants, easily identified by their square backed trigger guard, and the existence or not of a rammer / loading lever.

Baby Dragoon without rammer

Baby Dragoon with rammer

Wells Fargo "Any Colt 31 calibre open top revolver ith a round back trigger guard and is NOT equipped with a loading lever."
The difference in frame length between these two variants is most easily seen in the length of the forcing cone, between cylinder and barrel.

"Short Frame" Wells Fargo

"Long Frame" Wells Fargo

Pocket '49 "Any Colt 31 calibre open top revolver that has both a round trigger guard and a loading lever."
These four variants differ most obviously in the address markings (e.g. "Sam'l Colt - New York") on the barrels; and by their serial number ranges.

"2-Line New York" (3")

"2-Line Hartford" (4")


"1-Line New York" (5")

"London" (6")