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This site is based on the excellent work published in the book above, by Robert Jordan and Darrow Watt.

Its aim is to further their work, and provide some of the book's wealth of information to a wider audience. In no way should it be seen as a substitute for investing in the book itself. Here we can only scratch the surface of the diversity of these guns  - if your interest is aroused, get the full work and enjoy its richness.

Jordan & Watt's book was published in 2000, and is available for purchase for $125 from the author Robert M. Jordan or specialist book-sellers such as (among others)

The content of this site is fully approved by Robert Jordan, and he has kindly agreed to its presentation, and to advise on its ongoing development.

There are also other valuable reference works that cover or at least include the Pocket '49. Click here to view those, and comparisons between their data and J&W's.

I hope you find the site content useful, fun, and stimulating - and if you are not already as enthusiastic about the diminutive Pocket '49 as I am, that it will help you catch the 'bug', as I did when I read the book. If you have any suggestions for improvements or additions to the site, or just want to talk about '49s - email me on nigel@colt49.com


Nigel Osborne

If you are new to the site, please also visit the short page on Darrow Watt.

He unfortunately died in January 2002.

Since publication, a few amendments to the book have been necessary. Some are now included as an addendum sheet for new purchasers. The contents of that sheet, and other changes found since are available on the "Addendum" page here.

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