Identification of Pocket '49s

This page aims to help identify which of the eight variants shown on the Definitions page any particular gun could belong to.

Select from the images below, or their text labels, to view pages of the key identifying features for Pocket '49s; and indicators of which variant used each feature. The other method of identification, serial number ranges, is accessed though this link - "Identification by Serial Number ranges", the image below (top left) or its text label.

Reasonable results will be obtained by either method, but using both will increase accuracy. For more detailed confirmation, and where features exist that are not shown on these pages, you should refer to the full printed version of Jordan & Watts book.

Serial Numbers

Barrel - Length

Barrel - Address

Cylinder - Shots

Cylinder - Scene

Trigger Guard



"Colts Patent" on Frame

"31 Cal" on Bolster