Colt '49 Links

We have put together a collection of links that we feel will be useful to collectors of the Colt '49. They are all sites we personally refer to regularly. Their quality varies, as you would expect from any wide-ranging selection, and we offer no guarantees for their content. However, those marked are our particular favorites.

The Links are tested as often as we reasonably can - but sites do change their address or disappear. If you find a broken link, please let us know by emailing

Auction Sites

1898 and

A-Gun Auctions
Antique Gun List  
Bonhams & Butterfields Auction  
Greg Martin Auctions  
Little John's Auction Service  
Spare parts: Bill's Custom Cases
Dixie Gun Works  
Information: Dates of Manufacture  
Blue Book of Gun Values  
Collector's Services  
Gun Show books
Flayderman's Guide
R.L.Wilson books
Associations: Colt Collectors Association
National Rifle Association ("NRA")  
New Zealand Antique and Historical Arms Association Inc ("NZAHAA")  
Reproductions: USFA - Colt Lightning Rifle