Historic Values

This page is an opportunity to value a Pocket '49 based on prices paid (or asked) for actual examples over the last few years. The database behind these figures is continuously updated. It currently contains over 500 examples, found in auction catalogues or result listings, web sites, and private sales. All eight of the major variants are included, although with only small lists of the rarer variants. They are sourced from a range of different countries, including the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Prices are stored in their original currencies, and converted to US Dollars for this display. The exchange rates used will be updated periodically, and can be viewed by clicking on the dollar bill at bottom left.

The table of options is pre-set with the default options (e.g. walnut grips, non-engraved, not in case, etc) - but almost any combination is possible - providing such an option exists. If you find only a blank right hand panel after making your selection, it means either the variant you selected does not exist - or simply that it does not yet feature in the database.

Each gun has also been recorded with a numerical code to indicate its quality - a key factor in determining value. For this purpose, we have adopted the same standards used by most dealers, other reference works, etc - the NRA's "Condition Standards for Antique Firearms". The "Maximum" and "Minimum" options allow a range of quality to be considered in the value.

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