Pocket '49 Values

Estimating the value of a Pocket '49 - or indeed any gun - is one of the most controversial subjects in the collecting world. The aim here is to provide some small assistance, whilst emphasising the need for extreme caution when you use the results. I take no responsibilities for any use you make from this information, and I have no doubt many readers and knowledgeable experts will disagree with some or all of the estimates provided.

Below I offer three methods of gauging the value of your "49. Select one by clicking either on the embedded text hyperlinks, or the guns to the right.


Go to the "Historic Values" page of this site. Here you can select your guns characteristics, and get feedback on the average price of similar guns I have found on sale at auctions, internet sites etc. My data base contains information on over 500 guns, covering approximately a four year period.

Historic values

2 Go to the page dedicated to William M. Shumate's "Appraisal Grid". This method, described in detail in the Spring 2004 edition of "The Rampant Colt" estimates values based on a range of descriptions for Pocket '49s, and Bill's over 40 years of experience collecting them. Shumate Values

Look up your gun in one of the popular reference books designed for this purpose. Two very respected examples are:

"FLAYDERMAN'S GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AMERICAN FIREARMS ...and their values". Its available from www.flayderman.com

"Blue Book of Gun Values". Available from www.bluebookinc.com

On this site, comparitive data from these two sources can be found on the "Other Books" page.